The strength of a company, specialized in hotel supplies, catering items and in general public practices, is the passion.

A passion that moves and inspires us, guiding us in the constant study of the hotel business, in the research of supplies and items that mix together design, innovation and functionality.

A passion that marks even every partner and supplier of us, that shares our philosophy based on the quality of the product, on the fairness of the price, on the offering’s worth and on the service speed.

The passion of our staff, with professionalism, willingness and a little bit of creativity, is ready to suggest and assist every costumer by giving him a personal technical or styling consultation.

A passion for the field’s professional, of which we know the needs and of which we respect the demands, by giving, even if years later, the restocking of chosen items.

A passion for cooking-bar and bakery’s world, creativity and experimentation’s labs where we get involved and where we build projects under growth’s mark.

Passion, our course of action since 30 years.